Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tea Country Pork Curry with Pol Rotti and Coconut Sambol - My Sri Lanka SBS

This is another of Peter Kuruvita's recipes from his new television show My Sri Lanka.
If you click here not only will you get the detailed recipe but will also be able to watch him cooking in Sri Lankan tea country complete with a waterfall in the background and the mist coming and going. It is an amazing show to watch as Peter really shares himself and his love for the country and of course its food.
If you missed my previous post on My Sri Lanka I have also cooked prawns and a cashew nut curry.

I am going to share this recipe as I cooked it.
So firstly the pork was marinated with cardamon, roasted fenugreek seeds, cracked cardamon pods, chilli  powder, curry powder, salt, pepper, cinnamon and goroka. 
I must confess I skimped alot on the chilli as my children are not so keen on the heat.

Next you prepare the Pol Rotti with atta flour, finely chopped onion and green chilli, salt, ghee and freshly shredded coconut (I used frozen). 
Curry leaves are also meant to be added but my local shops were all out today.

Enough water is added to knead a smooth dough which is then rolled into balls and allowed to rest.
As you can see my daughter helped me prepare this meal, one her many additions was rolling out 'cute' rotti balls.

Meanwhile you start the curry by heating ghee (I used oil and butter) in a pot. 
I went all out and bought a gorgeous clay pot at one of our local spice shops.

First add pandan and curry leaves (I used dry and I was unable to get fresh today).
Followed by onion, green chilli, garlic and ginger.

Then in goes the marinated pork, covering with water, and cook until it thickens up.
My pot is so huge I could have cooked 10x as much!

Once the curry is on you move on to the carrot sambol which is simply grated carrot, finely chopped onion, garlic and green chilli, fresh coconut, salt and pepper, lime juice and crushed maldive fish.
I bought this down at the spice shop, another interesting ingredient to add to my pantry!

You use your hands to flatten out the pol rotti and cook both sides over high heat with a little oil in a flat pan.

It is served with more fresh coconut on top.

Alongside the carrot sambol. 
You can see I used a beautiful golden carrot bought at the markets on the weekend.

And of course the pork curry.

It was really incredible, every component of the meal complimented the next. 
The whole family really enjoyed it. 
The sambol added the zing and freshness to the tasty pork and incredibly moreish rotti. 

Can't wait until the next episode, need some more recipes for my new pot, and maldive fish, and goroka.....


  1. I watch Peter Kuruvita's show too and like the way he gives in the details of authentic Sri Lanka cuisine.

    The pictures showing your roti served with fresh coconut makes me think a lot of eating roti now! Yum!

  2. Love your pot! There are some traditional Peruvian dishes that are cooked in clay pots too, they really make a difference flavour-wise. I can see you put a lot of effort in this meal, glad to hear the family loved it.

  3. What a fab dish! Totally craving those roti - they look delicious!!

  4. Ah, that fresh coconut looks great on this dish!

  5. How scrummy! Did you need to soak the pot first before using it though? I love the little roti, I bet your daughter was very proud of her efforts too :)

  6. Oh wow!! My mum is a huge fan of ceramic pots too. She believes it adds more "earthness" and rustic flavours to stews and soups. And what a coincidence! I actually just watched his show briefly this evening for the first time tonight. After that and now reading this recipe, I'm more keen to catch his shows more often =]

  7. I love how you have so much Asian influence in your region. Several of your ingredients I have never even heard of! I would love to experience more Asian cuisines and get to know all of those foreign sounding ingredients.

  8. I love My Sri Lanka, such a wonderful show. That pot is gorgeous! Very impressive curry Muppy!

  9. Muppy, what a flavorful dish....looks great and have to add that I love the pot:)

  10. I have not heard of this chef before and now I am really curious! Your curry looks delicious!

  11. This looks so authentic and wonderful!

  12. I haven't seen this show, but it produces some great results! Your curry looks incredibly tender from using that clay pot. Yum!

  13. How absolutely delicious lookiing. Yum to the home made rotti!

  14. nice a clay pot.. ive never used a clay pot before.. but i heard its enchances flavour!

  15. What a beautiful clay pot! Your pork curry looks absolutely delicious! I wish we had that show on here in the states.

  16. thats a hugeeeee pot! and love your rotti!

  17. I loved the clay pot. I am sure it helped enhancing the flavor of this dish!


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