Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sourdough & a Brasserie Bread class

Wholemeal sourdough (made by me!)

Recently I attended a 'Start your Starter' class at Brasserie Bread, an Artisan Bakery in a suburb far far away from mine.

You know its going to be good when you are greeted with this, fresh croissants warm out of the oven, absolutely delicious.

You realise quite quickly how passionate they are about bread, as we are introduced to artisan baking by Matt.

Here is everything you need to make a loaf of sourdough - starter, water, flour and salt.

A sticky mess to begin with.

Slowly as you work through the kneading process you really begin to feel the dough develop (though mine not as quickly as Matt's in the background!).

Happy resting away in one of the many steps.

Meanwhile we were able to use dough preprepared to learn to shape and bake beautiful bread.

Not surprisingly after all that work we were famished, but not for long as we were presented with samples from every bread they bake to eat with local produce.

And of course we made our own starter, using honey, flour and water.

I took it home and left it until it bubbled before starting a feeding process every eight hours.
After one week I baked my first loaf and I was amazed, beautiful.

Every loaf so far has been delicious in flavour and texture.

Want to bake your own? 
You can learn all about the starter and recipes at Brasserie Bread


  1. Awesome had me at the croissant! Your bread looks totally delicious.

  2. This sounds like you had lots of fun. The only time I tried sourdough it did not work. Will have to try again :-)) Have a good week. Diane

  3. wow, you make it sound simple. I'm sure it's not though!

  4. I agree - you make it sound so simple. It's a bit of an art though I think.... and you have it! Well done Muppy. cheers Wendy

  5. Yum! Your bread looks awesome. Timely too - I'm leaning towards starting to bake my own bread, so I'll head over to Brasserie bread's site. Thanks.

  6. Their classes are great aren't they? We went to a gluten free class and it was so interesting and we learned so much :)

  7. Wow, your bread looks gorgeous! Love the look of the texture and that beautiful crust! What a wonderful class to attend, tons to learn!

  8. Such a fun class. Honestly I wish I would but I don't think I'd be able to keep up feeding my starter every day :( I really enjoyed that class but I think making sourdough at home is a bit too involved for me - but yours look great :)

  9. I am devastated that I couldn't attend. Looks like I surely missed out. There's something about freshly baked bread that makes the world a more happier place... =)

  10. What a lovely way to spend a day indeed Muppy!

  11. Well done Muppy!! I can think of no greater joy than to be in a room filled with the scent of freshly baked bread. And to be able to make your own, really is the icing on the cake. I'd love to attend a fresh bread baking class myself one day too, sounds like fun. And best part is you get to take home what you baked. You do, get to do that, right??? Haha

  12. Hi Muppy
    I notice you entered the cake pop machine giveaway on my blog. Just wondering if you are following Desire Empire in anyway. You will need to, to validate your entry.

    Carolyn x

  13. Your sourdough looks perfect! I really gotta give sourdough bread making a go!

  14. Bread is such a magical thing isn't it? Your loaves look perfect. The classes at BB are always so much fun.

  15. First of all, thank you for leaving me such a nice comment last week!

    I would love to take a bread baking class like this and create such wonderful loaves as you did. I see you have honey in your starter and honey isn't mentioned on their website - only malt for the starter. I would very much enjoy trying to make some myself.


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