Thursday, February 28, 2013

Caramelised onion, beetroot and goats curd tart

This dinner came about because I made a huge batch (obviously wasn't thinking) of Sammy and Bella's beetroot dip. Half of it I used to make chocolate cake, yes complete with cumin, and wow I really liked it. The rest I froze in ice cube trays for the lunch box and snacks. 

I made a shortcrust pastry (using flour, yoghurt and butter) and cooked it until a little brown.

Topped with some caramelised onions (I cooked them over low heat in some butter with brown sugar and balsamic).

Whisked up a couple of eggs with half a cup of milk and seasoning.

After pouring over the onions I spooned plenty of beetroot dip on top.

Finally I dolloped on a generous amount of goats curd.

In to an 180degree oven it went for about half an hour.

It was good, such a classic flavour combo that works so well.

Such a pretty tart served with some crispy kale.


  1. This is a beautiful tart, I love the color. It sounds like it would have a wonderful flavor with the combination of ingredients.

  2. Beatiful tart, but I want to hear more about the chocolate cake!! :)

  3. Such a pretty and colorful tart!

  4. So great and colourful, and I agree that the flavours would be amazing together- yummo!

  5. What a gorgeous tart! I am loving all that goat cheese with the beetroot! Perfection.

  6. Oh I just love the sound of this tart. I've got such a soft spot for savoury tarts. It looks beautiful!

  7. What a fabulously healthy but delicious lunch. And aren't kale chips the best? So delicious! :D

  8. Stunning colours! I adore beetroot - this tart is ideal :)


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