Monday, April 21, 2014

Surprise-Inside Bunny Cake

I was gifted this surprise-inside cakes by Amanda Rettke book , who you can find at I am Baker.
And what an extraordinary baker Amanda is - page after page of creative exciting delicious cakes.

For my first attempt I decided to try the bunny cake for Easter.
I probably should not have started on a 'challenging' cake, and you are allowed to laugh out loud at my attempt, but I can assure you it was lots of fun.
I have discovered that I love baking cakes, then cutting them out, then sticking them together and covering them with delicious buttercream!

The process is baking the cakes.

Cutting out the shape for the nose.

Using buttercream and crumbled cake to create the eyes.

Then assembling your cake.

Next piping on some fluffy bunny fur, this would have been much easier if my piping bag didn't break!
Making some cute bunny ears with melted white chocolate, and a sprinkle of milo.

Hehe, a bit wonky but still kinda cute and my kids loved him. 
If you want to see what he was meant to look like you can see one here at I am Baker.

This is definitely one book I am excited to have and I am looking forward to some more fun creations.
Thank you to Harper Collins and Amanda for this kind gift.


  1. Hehhee but this is so cute thought! Your kids are so lucky to have a mum like you. It's cakes and recipes like these that they will remember even when they grow older! =)

  2. Hehe how cute is that? I think you can bake the shapes into the cake too? I've seen that on other blogs.

  3. Aww such a clever idea! I can just imagine the glee on the kids' faces!


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