Saturday, January 19, 2013

Grissini Bread Sticks

After enjoying a Brasserie Bread baking class so much I was quick to register Evie for a kids summer baking class.

At Brasserie Bread Summer Baking class
They learnt to bake grissini sticks and cornbread, she enjoyed it so much.
I love that they let 5 year olds cook and treat them like 'big kids'.

While it was still fresh in her mind we baked them at home.
We made the dough using our usual method I found at Crunchy Tiger.

Nate loved getting in on the kneading action.
The recipe is very similar just with the addition of a small amount of malt syrup and butter.

The dough after kneading is left in the fridge for an hour.

We then flattened it and allowed to prove for twenty minutes.

We cut sticks of dough.

Evie showed me how to stretch the dough, then flatten and pinch, worked a treat.
Even Nate became an expert.

The sticks are then baked at 210 C for twenty minutes.

Evie got very creative with curly ends, they were gorgeous and delicious.

We will be making these again soon.


  1. I actually have a feeling the kids class is going to be pitched more towards my will tell. I LOVE the curly ends on the grissini - very Dr Seuss!

  2. So cool Muppy...I love that kids can get into this stuff. They look delicious! I think you and Miss Piggy are baking together today? Have fun :)

  3. Oh those kids classes look like so much fun! And relaxing for the parents too who get a few hours off! :P

  4. Wow, your kids did very well! The grissini sticks looks wonderful! They must have lots of fun learning about baking!

  5. This looks like so much fun - and so creative, love those curly ends!!

  6. Well done Evie! These look absolutely gorgeous! Looks like you have a little masterchef in your hands mum!

  7. What a great holiday program, it looks so much fun indeed! So lovely to share the rewards with the rest of the family too :)

  8. They look delicious! Can't wait to try some! I did an Italian cooking class where we made these, then they wrapped the ends in prosciutto before eating - just amazing!

  9. Breadsticks are so tasty! These look great.

  10. Love that they do kids classes, such a great idea. How lovely that you two could share this recipe at home together :)

  11. Aww what a great way to get the kids involved. I really am appreciating child friendly recipes because I love involving my four young nephews!! They love to help!

  12. your kids are too cute - the breadsticks are adorable too ;D

  13. Every time Stud and I have brekkie at BB we see the kids come out of the class. They're always so excited and proud of themselves :)

  14. Such a great class and what wonderful looking grissini. I really wish these classes existed when my son was that age.

  15. They look really yummy!
    Today I am posting a recipe inspired by your quinoa pie.I really liked it!
    Many kisses from Greece,dear muppy!

  16. What a wonderful way for a kid to spend the day during the holidays!!

  17. aaaw, so sweet to get the kids involved in the baking! Food always tastes better when the whole family is involved.


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