Monday, May 30, 2011

Baked Whole Rainbow Trout

We saw these beauties at the markets on the weekend and could not resist buying them. 

Earlier in the year my husband ordered a whole baked rainbow trout with a lemon sauce at a restaurant and loved it, so we tried to replicate it. Actually he tried to replicate it (I enjoyed a night off - though I have to admit I can't help but get involved!).

Firstly he made a butter with dill, garlic and lemon rind. He pushed this into some slits cut into the fish, squeezed over the lemon juice and baked at 210C for 15 minutes. 

Once they were cooked he used all the cooking juices to make a sauce by simmering it and then finishing with some more of the dill butter.

We served with some crispy potato and steamed veges. The trout was amazing, so soft and moist. The sauce was perfect. It could not have been cooked better.


  1. Beautiful fish - and it looks like you have done them justice with the cooking!

  2. This is gorgeous! I used to cook a lot more salmon and trout back in Finland where I could get local or Norwegian fish. I still make a salmon dish once a week, but hardly ever cook a whole fish. I should try this recipe next time!

  3. It looks absolutely mouth watering!!!It's really worth trying with other fish too!!

  4. I love baked whole dish too and rainbow trout is a favourite! It's such a healthy and delicious way to serve fish :D

  5. I love trout but never bake them before... great idea muppy!


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