Thursday, April 26, 2012

Filo Fish Parcels and Plum Charlottes

When we saw some beautiful bream fillets at the fish shop I knew what I wanted to cook.

My brother, knowing I love farmers markets, saw this cookbook and bought it for me.

It is such a simple recipe using fresh ingredients.
The potato is boiled, cooled, sliced and arranged on four oiled filo pastry sheets.

Top with baby spinach and your fillet of fish.

Wrap up into a parcel and bake for 20 minutes.

The pastry was so flakey and the fish moist and delicious.

All it needed was a lemon sauce - next time I will make one!

The plum charlottes are also in the book. The dariole moulds are lined with butter and sugar followed by bread dipped in butter - no not a healthy recipe.

The filling was plum cooked with some cinnamon and once cool mixed with a little ground almonds. Top with a round of bread and bake for 25 minutes.

What a amazing result for a simple dessert. 
Surrounded by a pool of cream it was so crunchy and delicious on the outside,
and the plums that oozed from the inside were perfect.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pandan and Coconut Macarons and a special Froggy Cake

My dear Aunty turned 80! and she asked if I could bring some cupcakes to her party.
Well plain cupcakes to be more specific but I wanted to add some 'wow'. So I decided to attempt green macarons to match the very special Frog cake I had ordered for her from the wonderful Dea at 3D Cakes.

And what more inspiration do I of my amazing friends bought the Zumbo recipe book especially for me.

Well my macarons were not perfect, consistency too thick and zero gloss but they were still so pretty.
I was really pleased.

I used pandan paste in the macaron mix and filled them with a coconut white chocolate ganache.
Made pretty much the same as a regular ganache except with coconut cream.

And yes I added extra green food colouring to try and thin out the macaron mix.....

They were so delicious, and beautiful perched atop a vanilla cupcake.

Why a frog cake you may ask? well when I was young my Aunty Joy had a wonderful collection of cute little frogs that I loved and would often contribute to.

So I thought I would once again give her a frog! just an edible one this time.

It went down a treat, everyone loved the froggy cake, and it was delicious (even the icing! - picture those legs getting eaten).

Do check out the 3D cakes website and on facebook (regular giveaways) to check out Dea's incredible creations.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Turkish Walking Tour at Auburn- Gourmet Safaris

Recently my friends and I joined a walking tour in Auburn, a suburb of Sydney well known for its Turkish community. 
The tour was run by Gourmet Safaris (an offshoot of Maeve O'Meara from the televsion show Food Safari),  they offer many tours in Sydney and beyond, I do suggest you take a look

Our hosts for the day were these lovely sisters Serap and Serpil who were part of the families who originally travelled from Turkey and settled in Australia.

Turkish Tea
They were amazing ladies who had a real passion for food, had an obvious love for their home country and an undeniable passion for this country they now call their own.

Dried Eggplant
I enjoyed the day so much I wanted to share bits and pieces through some of the photos I took, I hope you like them.

Dried Apricots and Sweet Sucuk
We are so lucky to live in a city where we sometimes only have to travel a few kilometres to become immersed in another culture.


The bakeries were full of delicious bread and biscuits, this was the first time I tried Simit and it wasn't long before I was back in Auburn to buy some more.

 Turkish sausage, sucuk, is full of incredible flavour.

I was most excited to visit the Turkish Delight shop and I was not disappointed.

Turkish Delight


Happy Easter.

Turkish supermarket, Gima
I was so excited to visit the supermarket, you felt like you became privy to the secrets of the cuisine and what is actually in all those bottles!

 Serap referred to Acuka as 'Turkish vegemite', it is an intense flavoured paste of tomato and capsicum, I loved it.

Apple Tea

Biscuits at a Bakery

Turkish bread cooked in a 'tandoor' style oven
 I loved being let in the kitchen to see the baking of this bread.

I think these may have been preserved walnuts?

 For lunch we were presented with a feast, I was most excited about the dips.

I have just shared a few dishes we ate.

Kofte, savoury lamb mince inside a bulgar wheat casing.


Chicken, incredibly moist and full of flavour.

Pistachio Turkish Ice Cream
 The ice cream had an incredible texture, almost chewy? It was so delicious. Apparently the texture comes from dried orchid roots!?

Gallipoli mosque
The tour concluded with an optional visit to the mosque, it was very informative, learning not only of the history of the mosque and its community but also a little about Islam.
The interior of the mosque was beautiful

 I returned to Auburn to buy this delicious bottled eggplant, it had the prefect balance of smoky flavour and Serap so kindly showed us how to make a delicious baba ganoush.

Well my baba ganoush was not as prefect as Serap's but hey it still tasted good!

And also to add the lovely Suzy from Gourmet Safaris has shared some of my photos over on the website.