Thursday, December 30, 2010

gingerbread house

I attempted a gingerbread house this christmas for the first time ever! I cooked the gingerbread from scratch, the recipe from the Coles christmas booklet. I also used their measurements for the house thinking the house would be quite small. Actually the final product looked pretty standard sized. I first cut out the shapes with cardboard. After rolling out my dough on baking paper i cut out the shape and then transferred paper and my shape onto the tray for baking. I baked a day prior to assembling but i think it would probably be fine letting it cool completely and assemble the same day. Next time i will wait for the sides, propped up with glasses, to set completely before putting the roof on. It was lots of fun and i think the final product was cute.

Chicken, chorizo and potatoes

For dinner last night i made this recipe, from Nigella Kitchen

I couldn't buy the thighs with bone so i opted for chicken pieces. That consisted mainly of wings so next time i might just buy drumsticks so the chicken cooks more evenly. I also left my potatoes too large and they were only just cooked. The flavours though were great, so simple but yet so nice. Looking forward to quesadillas with the leftovers....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Thai chicken noodle soup

Tonight i cooked thai chicken noodle soup, nigella's recipe (
I tried this a few weeks ago for the first time and thought it was delicious. A light tasty soup that you can have ready in such a short time. It really doesn't matter what veges you use, tonight i used snow peas and pak choy. I have cooked it with leftover chicken and also chicken breast i've pan fried. The leftover chicken makes for a nicer soup. Already i've cooked this about 4 times, a definite keeper!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Cookies

This afternoon I made Christmas cookies, another great thing to cook with my little helper. I actually use the 'jumble bumbles' recipe from the 'Cookies' cookbook by Womens Weekly.

Citrus pancakes

Today i made citrus pancakes with my three year old daughter, Evie. She loves pancakes and although we normally have crepes i decided to use a different recipe from the tv show 4 ingredients

They were so so simple and my daughter even managed to mix out the lumps! The zest in the mixture was a nice little touch. Evie devoured them.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

my completed muffins

Well how easy and quick to make. I was careful not to over mix, but i think my silicone cases were slightly too large and i was rather generous with my lemon curd. As you can see my oven always gives me grief, i forgot to turn them around half way through!
But i have tried one - the 'dud' - as i plan to take the rest to our friends place for supper tonight.

Actually is was delicious, very light but yet hearty like a muffin should be. The texture was very silky - i think that probably was from the yoghurt. Will definitely add to my collection - to be cooked again for an appropriate occasion.

Lemon curd muffins

The whole point to my blog is to share my cooking experiences. I love to cook and lately have been trying lots of new things.
Today i am baking Lemon curd muffins, a recipe from river cottage every day

For my completed muffins click here :)