Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cumquat Cake

At the farmers markets last week I spotted these cute little citrus - cumquats. 
The seller asked me to try one, just pop it straight in, skin and all. Well I did and wow what an explosion of flavour from quite a tart start to a beautiful sweet and sour finish.


I remembered this recipe from Anna Gare for cumquat cake and decided it was a must to bake.

Quite a simple recipe with the dry mix mainly consisting of ground macadamias and shredded coconut.

It is then combined with the pureed cumquats and creamed eggs and sugar.

The cake is served with a delicious sugar syrup with softened cumquats.

A crumbly and textured cake that was moist, it was beautiful with syrup poured over, almost marmalade like.

Miss E insisted I take this photo of her cutting the cake.

I really enjoyed this cake, and it kept well with the flavour developing. 
Anna is right, it would make a great cake to make for the Big Cake Bake supporting the Australian Red Cross.