Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nigella's Coconutty Crab Cakes & Gary's Sago Pudding with Pandan Syrup

Last night for dinner on yet another very hot day in Sydney I cooked Nigella's recipe for Coconutty Crab Cakes. This recipe is another from Nigella Kitchen.

I really liked them, very light moist little patties. The jalapeno gave it a nice little bite but the crab was still the prominent flavour. I must say it is a very expensive dinner and I would only make it again for a special occasion, probably as a entree.

For dessert I made a recipe that I had seen on Good Chef Bad Chef by Gary Mehigan for Sago Pudding. I bought the sago in an asian grocer, its kind of funny as sago is a prominent ingredient in many of my Grandmothers old recipe books (and she was not asian!).

This recipe was very simple and really yummy. The sago component which I set in the silicon moulds for a few hours was just the sago and a little coconut milk, whilst the syrup was made of palm sugar, pandan paste and water. The very sweet syrup with the plain sago served with coconut milk all just came together really well. I even liked the sticky texture of the sago. I was really pleased at how easy it was to mould and present a very attractive dessert. Since I am trying to eat reasonably healthy and avoid most sweet things I thought this dessert should probably be ok?


  1. That dessert looks delicious and perfect for this weather.

  2. That sago dessert looks ambrosial! And best thing is that it doesn't require the oven to be turned on in this heat!

  3. I have never tried sago - but it looks really interesting, and hearing how stinking hot it is down in Sydney it would slide down leaving a cool wake in its path!

    PS: silicon molds have to go down as the invention of the last century dont they?

  4. I loved the crab patties. I have never heard of sago. I must google it to see what it is!

  5. My partner made these crab cakes for Christmas! I didn't try any though, crab makes me feel sick :( I love sago, but I have yet to try pandan. Great post!

  6. The crab patties and the sago are both wonderful to look at. I'm sure better still to actually enjoy out of hand. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Oooh I love sago! I'd like to give this a go :D


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