Thursday, March 3, 2011

Gary's Bastilla of Lamb, Olives and Pine Nuts

I saw this delicious recipe for Lamb Bastilla by Gary Mehigan on Good Chef Bad Chef. I actually loved the look of the dish but dismissed it because if how unhealthy it is, then i told my husband and he really liked the sound of it, so here it is!

The lamb mince which is cooked with olives, spices, coriander stalks/roots, tomato and stock over low heat for 1 hour becomes very rich and flavoursome. I then cooled the mix and added coriander leaves and toasted pine nuts. I made individual pie cases with filo pastry before filling with the lamb and baking for about 20 minutes. I served the pies with yoghurt and some sauteed baby zucchini slices.

It was really tasty indeed, although very rich, it needed the yoghurt. I am sure I will be cooking this again (but not too often ;) ).


  1. This sounds incredibly flavorful and unlike anything I've ever eaten. Certainly would not mind trying this dish though :o)

  2. Dear Muppy, I think that this sounds delish! I know that I would love this. Your presentation is beautiful. I think this meal sounds wonderful. You prepared it from scratch and know that all of the ingredients are fresh and the spices are so good and healthy. I love the sliced cucumbers. They look so good and the baby zucchini and yogart sauce are good for you. So Enjoy and don't worry. I am sure it a great meal. Blessings, Catherine

  3. That looks very rich and delicious. An ideal winter pie! :)

  4. This not only must have tasted fantastic but it looks fantastic as well. Beautiful presentation!

  5. Looks amazing! I know what it's like when you like the sound of a recipe but you don't want to have something unhealthy... So I schedule one unhealthy recipe a week! :)

  6. The height of these is really attractive and looks so much nicer than a flat patty type one. Yumm...


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