Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Beef Kofta

I have to admit we are a little poor at the moment and so when I see a recipe that calls for beef mince it will most likely be tried (please feel free to alert me to any I've missed!). This one for Beef Kofta I spotted on One Bite More last week. Nice and simple too, the beef mince (I buy a great quality mince from our local butcher - and still cheaper then most supermarket mince) is mixed with burghal, onion, parsley, lemon zest, onion, ground coriander, cumin and cinnamon, garlic and an egg. You shape them and cook on the stove top. 

I baked some wholemeal bread to eat them with. I also served with hummus, tomato and rocket. My intention was to also serve with natural yoghurt mixed with some lemon juice and seasoned but realised the nice looking tasmanian 'plain yoghurt' I bought at the shops was actually sweetened - yes I missed the large print that said dessert yohgurt!
The kofta on its own was gorgeously flavoured but a little on the dry side, but once I took a mouthful alongside with all the accompaniments it was really delicious. I thoroughly enjoyed this meal and so did the rest of my family.


  1. The poor diet is the healthiest if you cook (not if you buy ready made cheap junk). I think that most of my meals are made with basic ingredients, although I must say that being a veggie saves us a lot of money: lentils are still cheaper that mince! :-)

    Keep making your own burgers and buns! good on you!


  2. Lovely idea for a quick sandwich :)

  3. I would love to see more of your wholemeal bread recipes. I think it's great that you bake your own bread!! Very impressive. Have you ever tried baking sourdough??

  4. I'm so over beef mince it's not funny - but this post has piqued my interest again.

  5. Thanks Cath I am loving baking bread, maybe turning into an addict ;P and it's great knowing exactly what your eating. I am yet to try sourdough, good idea!

  6. Heya! So glad the recipe worked for you :)

    Confession time: I buy slightly shoddy beef mince with a fairly high fat content from the supermarket (because by the time I'm home, my butcher is usually closed).

  7. wow! Its sure look tasty! Great as a replacement to ordinary burger! Thanks for sharing!

  8. We are always on a 'poor diet' and this sounds delicious. Diane

  9. I love kofta. Such a flavourful dish with all the elements. I can never tell which yoghurt is sweetened nowadays, so I always get greek.


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