Sunday, October 23, 2011

Cambodian Spicy Sour Beef with Tamarind Sauce

This is yet another recipe from SBS Feast.
My parents have travelled to Cambodia with Operation Christmas Child, an organisation that delivers gifts for children at christmas, the only gift that most of these children will ever receive.
I bought my mum for her birthday the cambodian recipe book From Spiders to Water Lillies. The book is produced by a restaurant in Phnom Penh that is run by ex-street kids, and it turns out my mum ate there. 

So when I saw Cambodian recipes in the this months magazine I knew I would have to try them.
I couldn't find all the ingredients I needed, so I substituted my vegetables for more readily available ones. And I could not find pickled mudfish at the asian grocer so I used shrimp paste.

The base to this dish was a mix of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal and garlic.

Other ingredients included this beautiful piece of steak, turmeric, tamarind, pickled mudfish (I used shrimp paste), fish sauce and palm sugar.

After cooking the lemongrass mix and turmeric you add the fish sauce, tamarind and shrimp paste that have been mixed with water.
Once this is simmering you add the beef and sugar and cook briefly before adding the blanched vegetables.

It was a really interesting dish and quite different to dishes I normally cook. 
The tamarind broth was quite delicious, packed full of flavour. 
Such a simple dish but healthy and tasty.


  1. It sounds exotic and yummy!Have a great Sunday,dear!

  2. This dish looks delicious. Yum!

  3. I bet this dish is packed with flavor. It looks divine!

  4. This sounds INCREDIBLE. Oh, how I love intense flavours like this!

  5. I'm always a bit concerned when people use the word "interesting" to describe a dish, but in this case apparently is a good thing :)

  6. This looks mouthwatering...the thought of the tamarind sauce just make me drool.

  7. YUM!! I love your enthusiasm towards Cambodian food. Though I've never had/made them before, this recipe really appeals to me! I can't find this cuisine in restaurants so I guess I should make them at home like you did. Also, your mum's philanthropic work is amazing. I participated in the cause by donating a present too a few years ago and I can't believe your mum is working with them, how cool. I should do it again, it was such a meaningful experience =) Have a good one, muppy!

  8. Muppy, this one looks so yumm and exotic! Even we Indians use a lot of tamarind in our cooking. Happy to follow you!


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