Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cherry & Rhubarb Clafoutis Tart

If you visit my blog often you would realise I really love to bake tarts!
This one came about after my husband brought home some lovely rhubarb and juicy cherries from the markets.

I have made a clafoutis before but was not overly excited by it so i decided to bake it in a pastry shell. 
I made my pastry with a little almond meal to add a nice texture and flavour.

I also kept the custard not to sweet so that the rhubarb was not overpowered.

Well it baked beautifully, the pastry came out brown and crisp.
The soft custardy filling went perfectly with the tart rhubarb and the juicy sweet cherries.

I loved it and will definitely bake it again. 
It seems I am losing my sweet tooth as more and more I am loving desserts that offset the sweetness with tang or salt.

Rhubarb and Cherry Clafoutis Tart

90g salted butter
1 cup flour
1/3 cup almond meal
1 egg yolk
Pitted cherries (i actually like leaving the pitts in but due to kiddies and hubby took them out)
Rhubarb cut into 1.5cm pieces

Rub the butter, almond meal and flour until like bread crumbs. Add in the egg yolk to bring it together, you may need a little cold water. Wrap in plastic wrap and rest in fridge for half hour. Roll out and line a 23cm greased tart tin. Rest in fridge for half hour. Preheat oven to 200C.
Top the pastry with the cherries and rhubarb.

1 cup milk
2 eggs + 1 egg white leftover from pastry
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup flour
vanilla to taste

Whisk the eggs, vanilla, milk and sugar then add to the flour and whisk until smooth.
Pour over the prepared pastry and fruit.
Carefully place in oven as it will be quite full and bake for about 45minutes or until custard is set and pastry is brown.


  1. Oooh is it cherry time already? I love cherry season! This looks delicious Muppy! :D

  2. Ooh muppy that looks fabulous! Lovely job!! I like the mix of sweet and tangy too so that would be right up my alley!

  3. How yummy! I'll have to remember this when rhubarb season rolls around again.

  4. Looks gorgeous! Ps I made your Sri Lankan dinner the other night - the best!!!!! Definite hit in this house! Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. This looks wonderful! And, What a great way to use rhubarb!

  6. right up my alley. totally with you on the sweet thing - think rhubarb is the perfect answer to that!

  7. Love clafoutis, love the recipe, love your blog!

  8. I'm not a fan of clafoutis but I am admiring at how even and thin that tart pastry is!

  9. I have to say Im not a cherry fan but the rhubarb sounds delish!

  10. I love the flavours in this! I wouldn't have thought to pair cherry and rhubarb. I find I'm the same, I used to be a massive sweet tooth but now I look for more complexity. I can still destroy a tim tam though!

  11. What a great combo Muppy! I love this recipe. Will be perfect for Christmas time :)

  12. This tart is beautiful. Cherries and rhubarb sounds like a great combination.

  13. The tart looks great!!!Very nice combo!I'll have to keep it on file for next year because rhubarb and cherry season is over!! :(

  14. That tart looks so delicious~ I wonder if I'll EVER lose my sweet tooth...probably not.

  15. It looks superb!Great combination of ingredients!Kisses,dear!

  16. This is such a beautiful tart! I particularly love the color the rhubarb gives to it!

  17. Omg... LOVE this! I seriously ADORE anything and everything custard! Hope to try this out soon, great recipe Muppy! =D

  18. I have just made Cherry clafouti, I like the idea of rhubarb as well. I will remember next year when the cherries and rhubarb are both ready. At the moment I have a whole drawer of frozen cherries!!! Diane

  19. Your clafoutis tart looks delicious Muppy!!! I really like the idea of baking it in a tart shell, I will have to try this as I think the contrast of the textures of the crisp shell and soft custard would be delicious.

    Aren't cherries wonderful at the moment? They are so lush and juicy. Yum! I could easily eat a whole bowl as is.

  20. Looks awesome! Just the thing to satisfy my sweet tooth.


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