Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chai Smoked Duck Breast on Soba Noodle Salad

You will not be surprised to read that this is yet another recipe of Anna Gare's.

My smoking technique was not done as Anna describes in the recipe and I suggest you don't follow my method! 
I did not have wood chips or a smoker, instead I heated up this gorgeous mix of chai tea, sugar and rice in our baby weber Q.

It certainly produced some lovely smoke but our bbq doesn't seal so our duck did not really retain that smoky flavour. I would love to buy a smoker and have a real crack at it.

After smoking the fat was rendered down and the duck breast finished in the oven.

Served with the salad of soba noodles, fresh enoki and shitake mushrooms, capsicum, spring onion, snow peas, basil and coriander.

The dressing consisted of mirin, rice wine, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, soy and sweet soy.

The whole dish is then drizzled with some pomegranate molasses.

It was certainly beautiful in taste and looks.


  1. Oh I so want to make this one! It looks like you cooked it just right too, Yumm!

  2. The duck looks magnificent! So nicely cooked and juicy :D

  3. I want to buy a smoker too, the closest we get to that is cooking on our charcoal bbq. Fantastic recipe :)

  4. I'm not the biggest fan of duck but oh! I love soba! And I can at least tell you perfectly cooked the duck :)

  5. oooo I want to have a go at this, looks great, sounds sensational.

  6. Aha now I do have a smoker so this sounds really good to me. Thanks for letting me know it was on your site.
    I see that all your comments go for approval, is there any reason that we have to be subjected to the two word verification as well? I have already tried 3 times to read this one! Keep well Diane

  7. Testing you have no verification. Looks good. Thanks Diane

  8. Omg I'd love to eat that!! You are seriously talented and creative, Muppy. Your kids (and hubby) must be having a blast to have you cook for them in the kitchen. At this point, I'm still a bit doubtful about my cooking skills to attempt smoking a meat in the kitchen even though I've always been so tempted to try! I don't sound very adventurous, do I? Anyway, your duck came out so pink, moist and juicy, absolutely perfect. I'm salivating at your photos yum

  9. Wonderful overhead shot on that last photo. I really enjoy seeing how so many Asian spices and ingredients all come together.


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