Thursday, June 7, 2012

Kingfish Marinated in Squid Ink with Perfumed Fruit, Scallop and Coconut

Our favourite cafe Circa Espresso is full of interesting books.
On one visit we picked up the Bentley recipe book and were immediately taken by the recipe for Kingfish.
It actually seemed possible to create, with chef Brent Savage giving great tips on how to adapt home cooking to cheffy techniques.

I scribbled the recipe out on a serviette, as all food obsessed souls do?

The fruit is 'perfumed' with bergamot essence a couple of hours in advance.

The kingfish is cut into portions, coated in a mix of squid ink, oil and salt then popped in a ziplock bag.

The fruit and coconut (prepared with coconut cream and agar agar) are plated up.

The fish is cooked souv vide style by lowering the bag slowly in 67 degree water which pushes the air out.

The whole dish came together perfectly, the delicious fish, scented fruit, coconut puree with the soft scallop and the edible flowers. 
It was a floral light refreshing dish and felt like I was eating in a fine dining restaurant.
Still amazed it was created in our home.

Very special thanks to Restaurant Atelier for giving me the Bergamot essence.


  1. What a fun and creative sounding dish!

  2. It sounds exotic and tasteful!Very creative!Kisses,dear Muppy!

  3. What an exotic and delicious looking dish! I never knew that squid ink can be eaten and used in cooking!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds fab! Especially the coconut flavours, and edible flowers are always pretty :)

  5. Wow Muppy! Incredible dish. Kingfish (never had it), squid ink (no idea how to obtain this), agar agar (have to go to Google), sou vide (keep hearing about this), bergamot essence (no idea!). Look how many things you introduced through this delicious sounding dish.

  6. Wow Muppy, that's top quality fine dining! Never thought about marinating fish in squid ink, sounds delicious.

  7. Oh wow that sounds so good, can I come to dinner please? Diane

  8. Ahhhhhh we are planning to replicate this dish as well as we had it in Sydney! Where did you find the squid ink?

  9. Hehe you are too cute writing down the recipe on a napkin! I totally relate. And Darren from Atelier is such a sweetie isn't he! :)

  10. Wow! This is a world class dish right there and I'm so glad to hear it's possible to recreate em at home... Well done, you!! I'm really inspired and amazed by this... FOAH

  11. Wow! That's a dish I'd expect to see in Quay or Aria... or your house! How cool is that??

  12. his dish looks really exotic to me! I would love to try it!

  13. Well done on such a beautiful dish! Would love to try this sometime. It's funny, I used to write out recipes very much like you did, on napkins or anything I could find. Now I just take a pic with my phone. So much easier!


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