Thursday, January 10, 2013

Quinoa Crusted Open Vegetable Pie

I received a Donna Hay book for Christmas, Fresh and Light.
She is just a genius when it comes to food!
Her recipe for this quinoa crust is so healthy and simple - its crazy.

Combine cooked quinoa with egg white and press into a well greased pie dish.

Bake until toasty looking.

Fill with delicious ingredients. 
I roasted some pumpkin and zucchini with sage, verjus and honey.
Then topped with a few cherry tomatoes and mozzarella balls.

Then back in the oven it goes, until the tomatoes were bursting and the cheese melting.
I loved this dinner, the crust lost a lot of its crustiness on the bottom (impossible to serve as a neat piece of pie) but in terms of eating that was great. 

The crispy quinoa on the edge and the soft quinoa in the middle with delicious roasted veges and oozy cheese, yum.


  1. Oh gawd, that looks GREAT! I had a crunchy quinoa thing somewhere recently and loved it!

  2. I will definitely make this great pie!So healthy and delicious!
    Happy new year,dear Muppy!All the best to you and your family!
    Many kisses from Greece!

  3. I agree completely, Donna Hay is a star. This dish looks so good and something else I would do with quinoa. Never thought of making it into a crispy crust.
    Just discovered your blog, love it!
    Ann Koekepan

  4. She certainly is genius indeed! What a great idea, thanks for sharing. I'm buying that book this week :)

  5. OH how amazing!! Finally a healthy alternative to pie crust! Thank you for posting! Looks sooo good!

  6. Donna and her team are so creative aren't they! I have the book too and it's just perfect for this "lighter" January! :P

  7. Muppy I love Donna Hay recipes too - and this definitely looks like one I can try. I've had quinoa in the cupboard for a while, wondering what i'm going to attempt with it. Thanks 9again) for the push. cheers Wendy

  8. What a brilliant idea to use quinoa in the crust!

  9. I wonder how to keep the 'crustiness'! Everything looks amazing regardless though. Melted mozzarella over roasted veggies? YUM.

  10. Muppy this is so original! I love the idea of the quinoa pie crust!

  11. The crust looks so interesting! I wonder if you pre cooked the ingredients and then put them all in for a few minutes at the end just the melt the cheese it would stay crustier?

  12. What a healthy and colourful pie! I love the quionoa crust and I imagine it would be versatile with all manner of fillings!


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