Sunday, April 28, 2013

Coconut Butter Passionfruit Jam Drops

Recently I discovered Honest to Goodness, I have been buying their organic flour for my sourdough and also trying some of the other products.

I had to sit the jar in warm water as it went quite hard.
I was very keen to taste this coconut butter and was definitely not disappointed.
I've used it in many ways - a coconut custard, a frangipane tart and added a spoonful to finish a pumpkin soup. 
So beautiful and smooth with a very rich coconut flavour.

These little melt in your mouth dairy free cookies were an experiment.

Combine the coconut butter and icing sugar.
Mix in the sifted flours.

Add some coconut oil to bring it together.

Roll into bite size little balls.

Make a dent in your balls.

Fill with some jam.

Bake for fifteen minutes.

Cool on a rack.

The coconut flavour was superb and went beautifully with the passionfruit.
They melted in your mouth but the texture was quite different to a butter based cookie.
I think they are a delicious little treat.

Coconut Butter Passionfruit Jam Drops
(makes 30 bite size)
125g Coconut butter
30g Icing sugar
70g Plain flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder
50g Cornflour
1 tbsp Coconut oil
Passionfruit jam

Preheat oven 180C.
Combine the coconut butter and icing sugar.
Gently rub in the dry ingredients.
Add the coconut oil to bring it together as a dough.
Roll into little balls, place on lined oven tray and make a dent for the jam.
Fill with jam and bake for 15 minutes.
Cool on rack.


  1. I didn't know Honest to Goodness were selling coconut butter... that stuff is amazing! I eat it by the spoonful :)

  2. Oh they do look yummy Muppy, and I bet they're lovely and rich too :)

  3. Interesting... I've only used coconut oil; once in baking and many times in a body scrub :) These cookies look and sound great.

  4. Oh wow that look so moist. Love the cute packaging at the end!

  5. Oh, I love jam thumbprint drops! Looks great!

  6. I'm curious about how the texture differs to the usual... they look delicious!

  7. I need to get me a jar of that coconut butter! These look great, I love that your use of the passionfruit jam too!

  8. Oh God they look good, and I can only imagine the flavour!

  9. Ooh I need to get my hands on this coconut butter! these cookies look lovely and I just adore coconut oil in cooking.

  10. Oh yum, Muppy... these little goodies sound like just the ticket to make me feel well again.


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