Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Roast pumpkin, caramelised onion and goats curd spelt muffins

Recently I was lucky enough to win a copy of Wholefood Baking by Jude Blereau.
It is such an inspiring book with a wealth of information.

The concept of these muffins is so simple and there are many different flavour combinations you could use.

The pumpkin is roasted with chopped rosemary.

More rosemary is finely chopped and combined with the dry mix of seasoned spelt four and baking powder.

You combine the dry mix gently with scoops of roasted pumpkin, caramelised onion and goats curd.

Then mix in the wet of milk, yoghurt, egg and oil.
There is much advice throughout the book to substitute ingredients if need be due to intolerances.

Spoon into muffin cases, top with a dollop of goats curd, sprinkle with pepitas and bake.

They are amazing, so soft and flavoursome.

I tasted one still warm from the oven and couldn't help myself but to eat another....

I cannot wait to bake more from my new book, 
very grateful to Honest To Goodness from whom I won the book.


  1. Oh fabulous! I received this book but I haven't been able to cook from it yet. These look fantastic though! :D

  2. Love the whole pumpkin seeds on top!

  3. Muppy these look just soooooo tempting!

  4. what a great recipe, thanks a lot for sharing especially with rosemary

  5. I love a good moist muffin - sometimes they can be so dry. Great photos!

  6. These seem irresistible!They must be really tasteful!
    Kisses,sweet muppy!

  7. these look incredible, what a great recipe! cheesy pumpkin muffins sound amaaazing.


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