Sunday, July 28, 2013

A very clean oven and roasted vegetable focaccia

I really don't like to clean which isn't a good thing when I love to cook. 
I do the basics all the time but my oven very rarely, one because I hate the fumes from oven cleaners and two, it requires you to turn off your oven...

So when the lovely people from Oven Express offered to clean it for me I was overjoyed.
And they use eco-friendly non harmful-methods which mean it doesn't smell and you can use your oven straight away- how good is that?!

So I've included a few before and after shots of my oven.

So what to cook in my sparkling oven - well I decided to cook my favourite thing to bake - bread.

Miss E recently did another holiday class at Brasserie Bread and came home with some delicious roasted vegetable focaccia. 
It was an absolute winner and will be baked many times to come.
The recipe/method for the bread can be found at Crunchy Tiger.

If you have not baked bread at home I really encourage you to try.
So simple - yeast, flour, oil, water, salt.

Knead for two minutes, rest for two minutes. Repeat about five or six times.

You then rest the dough in the fridge.

Miss E shaped the dough for me with oiled fingers and then topped with the roasted vegetables.

After proving into the oven it goes. 
Its quite exciting to be able to see through my oven door ;)

I am still amazed at my clean and beautiful oven. 
Oven Express did an excellent job, make sure you check out their website or facebook.


  1. Oooooh such a shiny oven! :D and you couldn't have baked anything better than bread in a clean oven ;)

  2. oh boy does my oven need a clean right now! I have been putting it off

  3. I'm jealous! Both because the size of your oven and its new shiny clean status.

  4. This is really clean!!!Love this delicious focaccia!
    Happy Monday,dear!

  5. Wow, what a great idea... oven cleaning is one of those ugh sort of tasks! Love your recipe too.

  6. Lovely recipe indeed, so delicious! A company that cleans your oven for you?!? Sign me up!!

  7. I love the feel of a clean oven! Although that reminds me I should clean mine! :P

  8. Wow, what a great idea! I hate cleaning the oven AND the gross toxic stuff that's needed to do it. Will definitely look into that company, thanks for sharing!

    Delicious looking veggie bread too. So lovely you can share all your yummy breadmaking with Miss E. I bet she will treasure all these memories when she's a lady baking bread in her own kitchen one day!

  9. My oven is horrendous so having someone else clean it sounds like the perfect arrangement! lol. Your focaccia looks lush too!

  10. Oven cleaning is such a bummer of a chore, these guys must be making a mint! Foccaccia looks delicious, too.

  11. Great info - and even better looking food! I’m not a massive fan of those toxic chemicals you can buy - using baking soda seems to be a pretty popular choice these days! I admittedly did resort to professional oven cleaner kent based companies to do mine when it got bad, but I actually have a tip that I found really helped: EVERY time you use the cooker, just give it a quick wipe over, inside and out. I found a sponge (just water, nothing else) as the oven was cooling down to remove the spillages and grease from that cook really helped stop the build up and I don’t reach that horrible black, baked on stage any more! Thanks for the advice.

  12. Oh what a great use for a clean oven!!
    Yours looks brand new :)

  13. lovely oven and even more lovely food! :D thanks for the post I enjoyeed it

  14. Ahh... what a lovely idea.....Oven express and bread...

    I inherited my oven with the house and it is a really old one and I hate cleaning ovens too so oven expess sounds like a very good idea ;-).

    Your vegetable focaccia sounds and looks really yum, I should try it out real soon

  15. The oven looks amazing, job well done.

    The cleaning aside, that food looks wonderful. I am not really much of a chef, but recently I have been doing my best to learn. You page has inspired me to try vegetable focaccia!


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