Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Poh's Pandan and Coconut Crepes

On our little camping trip on the weekend i also decided to make Poh's 'green' crepes, since only stove top (or in our case camping stove was required). I thought it would be fun!
I found this link for the recipe but i used it from Poh's kitchen recipe book
This time i was able to head to an asian shop on the way and buy pandan paste - 95 cents! I love asian shops. I can't believe how green it is - does it have food colouring as well??

First i made the coconut filling just on the stove with less palm sugar then the recipe suggested. Mixed up my crepe batter according to recipe. It was a great idea, easy to cook, lots of laughs attempting to flip the crepes, and my daughter (along with passers by) were amused at the green coloured 'pancakes'.

I thought they were yummy, and very appropriate to eat camping actually. I didn't make the salted sauce as Poh suggested it was optional, next time i might try it.

Yesterday my daughter wanted pancakes for lunch "white ones please mummy"!

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