Sunday, January 16, 2011

Praline Custard Creams

This is a recipe i have made before - when i want to cook something a little special.
It is from the Women's Weekly Cookies recipe book.
We have some friends who were back from Ireland for a short time and we travelled up to newcastle to have lunch with them. So i made these delightful little sweets to take.

The recipe is made up of three components, the custard, the almond praline and the biscuit. No step is hard but each takes time and the final assembly is quite tricky, mine really don't look as pretty as a picture! (especially the picture in the book)
The custard step involves making a simple stove top custard which you chill and then later mix in butter, vanilla and icing sugar. I have done this in the past but this time i actually just made the custard, chilled overnight and used to assemble biscuit. This means they were a little less sweet then previous times i've made it (which is a good thing). The actual biscuit has almond meal and no sugar, the texture is crispy and the almond flavour complements the lovely crispy outer praline.
I also cooked the biscuits at a mere 3cm diameter, so you can imagine how petite and delicious each mouthful is.
They are assembled by adding a little custard in the middle of two biscuits and rolling the rim in crushed praline. Sounds simple but not really. Of course a dusting of icing sugar helps !

I love these biscuits and think they are a mouthful of heaven. I would recommend anyone to buy the book and cook them. Its worth the effort.

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