Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Best Barbecued Turkish Lamb Sandwich with Spiced Pumpkin

Recently I purchased this recipe book of Peter Evans who has worked with the Heart Foundation to bring us his favourite recipes.
So far I have cooked half a dozen recipes and I am very impressed. 
They are simple, tasty and healthy.
Please do consider adding this book to your collection.

Pumpkin is roasted and then mashed with caraway, cumin, garlic, chilli and lemon.

The lamb backstrap is lightly seasoned, we added a little sumac too, and cooked on a hot barbecue.

Toast some delicious fresh turkish bread.

Slice up your lamb.

Tempt the dog with the best meat you have ever tasted.

And assemble your sandwich with natural yoghurt, grated carrot, fresh mint and rocket leaves.

It was seriously good, we savoured every bite.
Perfect for longer daylight, warmer weather and dinners enjoyed outside.


  1. YUM! This is my kind of food, it looks seriously good :)

  2. I just realised I've never cooked lamb backstrap at home. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. This looks like a yummy sandwich. Great flavors.

  4. Ooh that lamb is perfectly cooked and looks so mouth-watering! I love a good sandwich and this looks to be an absolute winner :)

  5. that lamb looks so succelent *droool*

    cute doggie <3

  6. Love lamb backstrap and can't think of a better of cooking it than on the barbie!

  7. This certainly looks delicious! No wonder it's a favourite :)

  8. that lamb looks so perfect! time to make some more sandwiches with leftover brasserie bread? :D hehe

  9. FRIGGIN AMAZINGGG!!! Muppy, your lamb is really, really perfect. I am seriously drooling from your photo. I can imagine how good it would go with the rest of the sandwich omggg...

  10. The lamb sandwich looks delicious! But your dog-look at that face! So beautiful!


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