Friday, February 1, 2013

Ritual Restaurant, Nelson Bay (totally worth the trip)

I don't usually post about places we eat but Ritual Restaurant was so amazing, I have to share. 
I am not posting photos of everything we ate, I am just trying to capture the essence of what you experience.

(please excuse my poor photography - i have very little experience in low lighting)

Garlic Floss
When we told our friends we were camping in the Port Stephens area (a couple of hours drive north of Sydney) they immediately recommended Ritual.

Edible wall art.
The whole evening is an intimate experience (seats 12 adults) where you are given the chance to taste flavour combinations and differing textures.

Three types of house made sourdough (including sourdough pretzel) with flavoured butters.
We are given so many 'tastes' of which all are delicious and interactive, they are interspersed between the four courses.

Crispy artichoke that you fill by yourself with a 'toothpaste' tube of artichoke puree 
We were delighted that they shared so much with our two young children.
It was an amazing experience for the kids being able to enjoy and learn about so many different flavours and textures.

Lip, Sip, Suck - Tequila cured scallop and pear, burnt butter scallop, lemon and agave scallop, ginger besan pyramids
Prior to each course you are given a simple taste test of two distinct flavour combinations to decide on your dish. 
It is a hint of what is to come, and we were not disappointed. All the food was cooked and flavoured perfectly. 
Miss E licked her salt block clean.

Tom Yum bomb- yes that is delicious broth inside a delicate skin.
The Chef and wait staff are continually sharing with you, explaining all the dishes.
They have a fantastic food philosophy with a focus on local produce.
By the end of the evening you really appreciate the intimate setting.

Spice it Up - five spice tea cake, peanut black sesame and honey dukkah, served with tamarind and cocoa stick (not pictured).
Not to forget the matching drinks - wine, beer or tea.
I went for the tea and it was perfect, they worked so well, very refreshing and great for digestion of all the wonderful food.

Decadent - dark and white chocolate with pink peppercorn and raspberry.
I totally recommend dining at Ritual Restaurant.
It is an inspiring meal that we all enjoyed immensely.


  1. Oh dear holy heaven. Artichokes, tom yum soup, and black sesame/peanuts are some of my most favourite things. WANT!

  2. What a fun looking place! I bet the kids loved all of the hidden and innovative food :D

  3. im so intrigued by that garlic floss!

  4. We lived in port Stephens! Love that place. My only regret is we never ate at Ritual!
    Isn't it a gorgeous place!

  5. Wow. That Tom yum bomb looks fantastic!

  6. What an amazing experience and one that your children enjoyed too!

  7. It sounds so interesting and a really fun way to dine. I like that they let the kids be involved as well...I bet they loved it!

  8. edible wall art? and garlic floss? mind blown..

  9. This looks incredible indeed! How much fun, and definitely great to share with your kiddies too :)

  10. Wow Muppy, this looks fantastic - so hands on! the garlic floss looks incredible!!

  11. This is looks as amazing as you were telling me. It has been added to the wish list and I am so getting there soon.

  12. Food looks innovative without getting ridiculous. I love the idea of the salt block.

  13. Cool, 12 seat restaurant with garlic floss. Sounds like a wonderful experience.

  14. This looks like such a wonderful place. I love the idea of giving you a taste test to decide your next course!

  15. Sounds like a very interesting and out of the ordinary experience!


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