Saturday, May 11, 2013

Live Below The Line

For the past five days we have been participating in Live Below The Line.
This means that you spend just $2 per person per day on food. 

I made a vegetable stock using the onion skins, ends of the celery and ends of the carrot.

So now I have to confess that as a family of four we had $8/day but I didn't actually include the kids lunch in this budget.
But the reason I signed us up was to support those who are in such great need and donate the money we saved.  

I made a vegetable, beef, and lentil ragu and homemade pasta (this made two dinners).

It was a real eye opener, you need to be resourceful, nothing can go to waste and you can't afford to buy quality ingredients.

Chicken drumstick with rice and green veges.

I also used a very small amount of honey but in the real third world I'm guessing they could not afford to buy such a luxury ingredient.

Roasted vegetables with homemade sourdough.

We ate cereal and milk for breakfast, and leftovers from dinners for lunch (this made portion sizes small).

The second dinner of pasta and ragu.

It was hard, and we were hungry.
Especially when you were exercising, made you think of those who physically work so hard yet are paid next to nothing. 
We felt sick due to lack of food.

Pumpkin soup and homemade sourdough.

This was our budget if your interested.
Note: I also used small amounts of oil, salt and sugar.

It really is a worthwhile week that I would encourage all of you to take part in next year.

I truly believe we can make a difference.


  1. woah, sounds hard, especially not buying quality ingredients. I can be resourceful but that would be the hardest aspect for me. Good on you guys for giving it a go!

  2. This would be a really hard challenge - imagine living your whole life like this. Well done.

  3. I can see that this would be very hard to do. But it unbelievable the amount of people all over the world that go to bed hungry every day. This sounds like a very good cause.

  4. Wow well done Muppy, very proud of you for doing this. Your food looks great actually. Very well thought through.

    And yes I too believe we CAN make a difference!

  5. I seriously respect all of you doing this.. It's definitely an eye opener to never waste food!

  6. Hey Muppy, congrats to you and your family for enduring the challenge. I think with young kids is completely understandable that you did not include their lunches in the budget.

  7. Well done, what an amazing effort for a good cause. This is something we should all at least think about :)

  8. Great idea Muppy, thanks for helping us all be mindful

  9. Good job and well done! I think I would definitely struggle with this one. I would've probably just made a pot of veg soup to live off for the week

  10. Good for you! I'd love to have done it and will definitely try and do it next year! :)

  11. Wow you've done super well! The pasta and ragu looks particularly awesome.

  12. Good on you and your family for taking part in such a worthwhile cause. Even though you had such a tiny budget it looks like you still produced really delicious looking meals :)

  13. An amazing thing to do. Well done guys.

  14. Well done Muppy, I wil definitely give this a go next year.

  15. What an interesting post, wow $2 a person per day does not sound like enough to survive on but you have made it look achievable.


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