Friday, July 22, 2011

Nigella's Venetian Lasagne

I'm not sure if my brain is working properly, I just seem to keep stuffing up!
My daughter has requested a princess castle cake for her 4th birthday (as all little girls do!) and I had this great idea to buy a little princess and prince to put on top. In fact I saw a disney set that included a tiny Cinderella and her prince, and a horse and carriage. Can you just picture it, a pink castle topped with a prince and princess and a little horse and carriage waiting at the bottom of the stairs. Well it was quite an expensive set so when I saw it half price in the recent toy sales I took Evie to the shops and we were lucky enough to find it. 
But its not a happy ending as we stopped in the food court for a little snack but walked away leaving our brand new package on the table....realising quite quickly we did not have it we rushed back but alas it was gone. We asked everywhere but no one had handed it in. This resulting in one very sad little girl and one very upset mummy.
I'm not sure what to do now, should I see if I can find it again? I know in the big picture it really is not that big a deal, I just feel so silly for making such a stupid mistake.

Sorry to burden you with my sad story but that was my day yesterday, anyway we came home and I pulled out my Nigella Kitchen to cook Venetian lasagne.

The minced beef sauce is prepared with loads of finely chopped veges and porcini mushrooms, simmering away for an hour. The polenta is cooked and then spread out on trays to make the layers of the lasagne. And then assemble.

It was an interesting concept and it tasted nice but I prefer my 'normal' lasagne.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend.


  1. Aww I' so sorry to hear that your package was taken! You would have hoped that they had taken it to Lost Property as obviously it was a gift for a child.

  2. That is an interesting take on lasagna. I am pretty attached to my normal recipe, but I would love to try this.

  3. Nooooo...the princess and prince were left on the table! I would have been upset as well. Would she like a barbie cake? I remember doing that for my daughter's birthday. You get a large mixing bowl. You bake the cake right in it and then invert it upside down. They make these "half" barbies (princesses) that can be stuck on the top. The cake part looks like a big princess dress. On your lasagna dish...I just saw a restaurant about to open up called "The Lasagna House". I was curious if it is going to be lots and lots of different lasagna options. I guess like a sandwich shop but lasagnas!!

  4. Sorry about the sad episode. Perhaps it's a good experience to teach your little princess not to be upset about material losses.

  5. Muppy - so sad to hear your tale. It's just horrible to think that someone would steal that parcel. Hopefully karma will see justice done.

    Maybe your feelings followed through when you made this different lasagne. I think it looks awesome and well worth a try. Maybe (if you ever get around to repeating a recipe lol) you will like it better 2nd time round! cheers Wendy

  6. Oh no! :-( I'm upset for you and your little girl.
    Go and see if you can get it again. I would.

    The lasagne looks really good, especially when on the plate. good on you for trying it!

  7. :( sad that no one handed it in!? Did you go to the centre management or the concierge desk?

    Viv and I just made lasagne last night! :p

  8. This looks and sounds delicious! I've never gone wrong with a Nigella recipe, so I'll have to try it.

  9. I don't know it I could pass this off as lasagne, I'd have to name it something else or the family would riot and demand the 'usual' lasagne.
    So sad about your parcel, maybe it accidentally got put in the bin with the rubbish off your table, that's preferable than thinking someone stole it at least. I would so buy another one, call around all the shops and see if they will price match first though.

  10. Oh that stinks about your cake topper! (I'd actually love something like that myself. I'm such a kid. Makes me even more disappointed for you!)
    The lasagne looks interesting alright. I haven't tried polenta before. If you weren't thinking of it as 'lasagne' would be poleta/beef combination work together?


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