Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beetroot Orzotto

Recently on the stunning blog of ScandiFoodie was this recipe for Beetroot Orzotto. I instantly fell in love with the colour of this dish and I have been enjoying beets more and more so it was nice to expand my use of them.
The beets are boiled while the pearl barley is cooked in vegetable stock along with garlic and rosemary. Once the beetroot is cooked, puree and mix through the pearl barley, add some oil (I used macadamia) and check for seasoning. So simple and healthy. I chose to serve this with a poached egg on top, my first attempt of poaching eggs!

I enjoyed this dish although I think it would make a better lunch or side dish, even mixed through a vegetable salad. The barley paired really well with the beetroot and I loved my oozy egg on top.  


  1. I love that oozy egg on top too! This is a stunning dish. And I also am loving all these comfort foods you are posting. It makes me wish fall were here already!

  2. That oozy egg just makes it doesn't it! :D

  3. Ooohhh so tempting! Love the contract between the color of the beetroot and the runny egg yolk!

  4. Well done on the egg - I hear Nigella cannot poach an egg!!!!! So you re one up one her!

  5. What a cool colour! Poached eggs are fabulous too, great job on your first one!

  6. Your beetroot orzotto looks fabulous, just look at that amazing colour. I'd love to have a go at making this, topped with poached egg of course.


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