Sunday, June 19, 2011

Food, Food and more Food!

I thought I would do another of my catch up posts with photos of some of the delicious dishes I've been cooking. SO here we go....

Zucchini and Cream Cheese Pancakes inspired by ScandiFoodie

Donna Hay chocolate cake but I used milk chocolate and coconut flour

Upside down cake with toffee rhubarb (a Coles recipe)

Delicieux Mini Chocolate Pear Pies 

Yummy Banana Bread, the recipe from Green Cilantro

Raisin Bread using this recipe (but without the bread maker!)

Corn with Chipotle Salt and Lime Mayo, and chipotle sweet potato fries (Inspired by all the reviews of The Dip)

Scallops with Black Pudding and Celeriac Apple Puree
Pandan and Cardamon Coconut Rice Pudding, recipe from The Intolerant Chef

Pumpkin Pancakes with Cinnamon Butter and Mapled Pecans, recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes

Nigella's Buttermilk Chicken Drumstick and Coleslaw, recipe from CatsLoveCooking

Milo Cupcakes, recipe from Raspberri Cupcakes

Christine Manfield's Fish with Gremolata, Risotto and Parsley Oil.
This was dinner last night and was incredible.
Another recipe from A World Of Flavour.


  1. coconut flour omg where did u get that from..

    what a lovley twust

    omg panadan <3333

    love the cooking muffy!!!

  2. You've been cooking up a storm! The most delicious one I've ever seen.

  3. Wow!!!! All looks great!!!! Very impressive.

  4. whoa u made a lot of food lately!! how did the corn + mayo turn out?

  5. Thanks for including me! I love the colour of yours, it's gorgeous. What a yummy array of recipes too.

  6. Milo cupcakes! I want one!

  7. This is a blessed feast for your table!! Catherine xo

  8. oh wow! that pandan and cardamon coconut rice pudding looks SOO delish! must try!

  9. Thanks so much for the mention, glad you got to try the pancakes! Everything else looks so good too!

  10. Sugarpuffi - The corn and mayo was soooo tasty! :D

  11. You are one amazing blogger - and cook! Thanks so much for all this, such an inspiration to get motivated and try different recipes. Also good that you are introducing us to different food blogs (but I always come back to yours!). cheers Wendy

  12. All that food looks awesome!

  13. Seriously, I want to come and live in your house. You are one very well fed family. I wouldn't mind some of that corn you replicated from The Dip.


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