Monday, June 13, 2011

Cannon of Rabbit with Black Pudding and Garlic Custard

We have been wanting to cook rabbit for a while but did not really know where to start. When George Calombaris from Masterchef cooked rabbit for the masterclass it gave us a good starting point. 
I was not confident enough to deal with the rabbit so I had told my husband that he would have to do it! He remembered a recipe from way back where rabbit was paired with black pudding and so we began.

Firstly the whole rabbit had to be broken down, the idea being to use every part of the rabbit in the recipe. 

There were many components to prepare. 
The stock was made using the rabbit bones and spare meat. We attempted to clarify the stock using egg whites but were only semi-successful.

 The cannon of rabbit was prepared by laying out prosciutto and covering with a black pudding mousse (black pudding and cream). The back straps and the fillets were then rolled up in the middle and tightly sealed in the foil. This was then baked for ten minutes before being rested. Once removed from the foil it was seared in a hot pan ready for slicing. 

The racks, kidney and liver were all cooked off in olive oil and butter in a hot pan.

I prepared the garlic custard by softening some garlic and spring onion in butter before adding milk and simmering for a few minutes. I then strained this and slowly incorporated into the egg before returning to the heat briefly. I poured into ramekins and baked in a waterbath for about fifteen minutes.

For the vegetable component we used swede and heirloom carrots. Our purple heirloom carrots turned all our vegetables purple!

Wow this was really really good! The cannon of rabbit was amazing, and all the components worked together so well. The kidney and liver both tasted really nice (yes I was a bit tentative). The rack was tender and tasty. The custard was cooked perfectly and had an amazing silky smooth texture that was a great contrast to the other elements in the dish. The stock was nice but next time we would add less. Overall we enjoyed an incredibly delicious dinner (my daughter also demolished it - she loved it!).

I had to make a dessert to have with this incredible meal so we finished with pumpkin pannacotta topped with an orange caramel (Inspired by the lovely Mary from One Perfect Bite). It was delicious.


  1. I love rabbit but haven't cooked it in ages. Great job with that dish!

  2. Yum! I love rabbit! This is a very elaborate recipe!!! Great job guys!

  3. Mmm that looks so warming and delicious which is definitely the theme for this rainy long weekend! :D

  4. the garlic custard looks interesting..

    ive never eaten rabbit beofre.. wonder how it tastes like!

  5. Interesting meal - reminds me of a story my friend came back from south america with - apparently guines pigs are quite common on the menu down there!!! Glad you enjoyed it - don't think I would get my lot to eat it!!!

  6. I think it's just so cool that your daughter seems to try everything! I haven't tried rabbit before - does it taste very game-y?

  7. How inspiring! I have never cooked rabbit before but have always been curious. I love that you used the whole thing too. Looks delicious.

  8. Wow! I am so impressed. This is an awesome meal. You are so much more accomplished in the kitchen than when my kids were the ages of yours. It will be amazing to see what you make in the future!

  9. I don't eat rabbit (or other animals) but I am curious about the garlic custard. Did you like it?


  10. That's a real gourmet meal!

  11. Thanks for all the comments :)
    In terms of gaminess i think rabbit is fantastic, its kind of meatier then chicken.
    And the custard was amazing, it was tainted with the garlic and onion flavour and had the perfect texture. On its own a bit boring but in the dish it it complimented in both flavour and texture perfectly.

  12. Ooh Muppy your rabbit dish looks fantastic! We've got another rabbit in our freezer at the moment and are thinking of cooking it confit-style, but this looks fantastic as well... :)

  13. I have to cook a rabbit for a food challenge this week, and have been trying to find one. You did a great job with so many different components and the garlic custard is so yummy isn't it?

  14. I really loved the custard, the flavour was just a hint but the texture was perfect and it went so well with rabbit. I was so pleased as when I have attempted baked custard in the past they have not turned out so well.


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