Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spiced Watermelon Squid and Mint Salad with Baked Kale (and a baking disaster)

This is yet another recipe of Christine Manfield's, I told you I was keen to cook another! Actually I don't enjoy eating watermelon and so I did not expect to enjoy this. But it was delicious. The spice and the warmth of the watermelon against the tender squid was amazing.

The base of the dish is cumin, coriander, turmeric. garlic and chilli. The squid is then cooked in these followed briefly by the watermelon. A dressing of fish sauce, sugar syrup, lime juice and watermelon juice is added followed by tossing through some mint and shallots. So simple and yet a world of interesting flavour.

I have seen kale chips popping up here and there and decided to try it. The kale leaves were rubbed with oil and salt then baked for about 15 minutes until crispy. They were really tasty except I added a little too much salt and next time I will cut the stalks out as some of the stalks stayed chewy. Great idea, it is just so surprising how crispy crunchy it becomes.

And because dinner was a little light on I used this as an excuse to bake. I had seen this recipe for Lemon Yoghurt cake on Donna Hay's Fast Fresh Simple and thought it looked lovely (check it out so you know what my cake was meant to look like!). A simple recipe to prepare (my daughter did most of the adding and mixing) I then poured it into a well greased bundt tin. 

Note: This was the good side!
Very sadly once it was cooked the cake would not come out and eventually only half of it emerged ;(
I attempted to still add the sugar lemon mixture on top, which was a little futile. Fortunately it did taste delicious, the cake itself was so moist and soft.


  1. Oh I tried a watermelon curry in a restaurant in Beechworth and it was delicious so I can see how it would work here too! :)

  2. I love watermelon! I am sure all those amazing spices with the watermelon and squid tasted delicious! I hate when I have a baking least the cake still tasted delicious! :D

  3. We all have baking disasters, but the most important thing is the taste (and that you didn't have guests over for dinner :) ).

  4. The squid and watermelon looks interesting!!

    Don't worry about the disaster - it just means you are like all the rest of us!!!! If it still tastes the same, and it didn't have to go anywhere, who cares????

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  6. Ooohhhh Fruits in cooking! They is in my must try list! Thanks for sharing!

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  8. I never had watermelon cooked in a dish before! Looks delicious!
    Your cakes looks really moist and delicious! It is not a disaster at all, it just did not unmould in one perfect piece, otherwise it is perfect! :)

  9. How exciting, this is not anything I've tried before, I'll have to give it a go!


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