Friday, September 30, 2011

Chicken Cheese Empanadas - cooking with Evie

One gorgeous present my daughter received for her birthday was a "Cook with Dora" set.
I let her choose a recipe for us to cook together.

Not a bad choice hey.

First we made pastry by crumbling butter with flour, then adding cold water to bring it together.

While the pastry rested we headed off to the garden to pick some fresh herbs for our filling.

The filling called for cooked chicken so I diced up a chicken breast and browned it before deglazing with white wine. I reduced the juices down to make a tasty sauce for our filling.

The chicken was mixed with the sauce, some grated cheese and our freshly picked oregano and parsley.

The circles of pastry are filled with some filling and sealed with egg wash.

Evie loves 'painting' with the egg wash!

And while they were baking we made a strawberry banana smoothie.

They were delicious, though a little more browning would have been nicer - I had hungry tummy's waiting for them to be cooked.


  1. What a fun baking day with your daughter! Evie is really cute and looks like she is having fun! You have quite a little chef there! :)
    The empanadas looks really good with the delicious chicken filling. And that smoothie looks yummy too! Wish you and your family a great weekend!

  2. My sister just informed me yesterday that one of my nieces is all about Dora now. I'll have to pick up this cookbook!

  3. Wow what a great little helper you have. This is the time to learn she will soon be as great a cook as her mother. Diane

  4. So cute! So will she be on next years Junior Master Chef? :)

  5. Aww she is adorable! Well done Evie and great choice of item to make! :)

  6. It looks like your daughter did an great job!!

  7. Oh gosh, I've never made pastry or empanadas, so Evie is definitely beating me in the Masterchef stakes! :P

  8. This your best post ever,Muppy!Great recipe,cutest chef!Your daughter is so beautiful!!!Have a lovely month,dear!

  9. Little chef in the making! So cute.

  10. next kids MC please...

    how cute. like mother like daughter@@ i can see a potential chef !

  11. She is too cute! What a great day in the kitchen bonding and eating. Love it. Its so important for kids to get involved with the cooking :)

  12. How cute! So your daughter loves sushi and knows how to make empanadas... you must be so proud!


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