Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anna's Beef, Bean and Soba Noodles

I have to firstly confess - i didn't cook this - my lovely husband did! I did however cook the delicious dessert - blog to come.

This is another recipe from Quickies in my kitchen

Anna does not let me down with this dish, the flavours are big and amazing, very asian. And soba noodles are delicious, anyone who has not tried them must! We used a lovely big piece of good quality rump steak for the beef component, cooked perfectly (thankyou my lovely).

And my husband says the making of the dish is 'easy peasy'! It is on the list of dishes that will be made again and again and loved for many years to come :)


  1. Ooh I love soba in summer! It reminds me of when I used to eat it in Japan on ice :)

  2. I LOVE easy recipes. Might give this one a go...if your hubby can make it then I think I should make mine make it for me. LOL.


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