Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poh's macaroons

On the weekend i had my very first attempt at macaroons. I used the recipe from Poh's kitchen - i was very kindly given the book so it is slightly different to the link.
I also reduced the amounts i used to make a smaller batch. So my first problem was the mixture was slightly too thick (i needed extra egg white i think), this i could tell after i piped them out and they held their shape so well. They also didn't form much of a 'crust' at this sitting stage.
I only used pink food colouring as an addition. The  next problem i had was my oven. I tried to cook at such a low temperature but my gas oven would completely go out so i was forced to cook in a hotter oven. The result being a shorter cooking time and my macaroons browned.
I joined my macaroons with jam as this was my first attempt rather then preparing a buttercream. But actually they tasted so good, only too sweet with jam filling, that next time i will make the effort amd prepare a proper filling.
The final result i was quite pleased with. Even though they were brown the flavours were beautiful, the top had a nice crisp texture and the inside lovely and moist. They also had a nice shine to them. I think if i had made the mixture a little less thick so they flattened and had a more reliable oven they would have been perfect!

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