Monday, January 31, 2011

Neil's Moroccan Snapper (Poh's Kitchen)

 Yesterday for lunch I cooked Neil Perry's moroccan snapper recipe from Poh's Kitchen recipe book. Instead of using snapper fillets we chose to use a whole snapper. I have to admit whole fish erks me a little (not eating but preparing) so I got my husband to put slits in the side so the chermoula could flavour the fish.

The chermoula was easy to make and delicious. The fish was marinated in it for an hour before placing in some foil and pouring over a mix of lemon juice and honey, followed by finely sliced preserved lemon (this I found at The Essential Ingredient - but I might have a go at making my own). I sealed up the foil and my lovely husband cooked it on our baby weber Q. It took longer then expected, say 40 minutes, but once cooked the fish was so moist and perfectly cooked. Perfect for an outdoor lunch on a lovely summer day.

 I served the dish with pearl couscous (also known as israeli couscous) and steamed broccolini.

I really enjoyed this dish. My husband also enjoyed the dish besides finding the preserved lemon overpowering and my daughter who is a lemon lover said 'its a bit strong'. I personally loved the preserved lemon. So I guess it depends on your taste. The couscous was great, my daughter especially liked it.


  1. oh this looks wonderful!!! I must admit that I am really scared to cook with a whole fish - but Mr BBB has been wanting me to try it for ages!

  2. Ps - on a completely random note - I love the font used in your post titles!

  3. I remember seeing this recipe in the book. I love whole fish! :D

  4. It sounds like a wonderful meal. You are courageous to cook a whole fish. Will you make this again with less lemon or was once enough? Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. I want to try preserved lemons too. I have a recipe and I've been dying to try it. This fish looks delicious!

  6. I will cook this again at some stage but i'm not excited by it enough to cook again straight away.


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