Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nigella's Asian braised shin of beef

This recipe was on the 'don't knock it until you try it' episode of Nigella kitchen.
It is also served with her hot and sour shredded salad and potato, ginger and parsnip mash. So last night i recreated the whole thing - you should have seen the kitchen.
One exciting thing about trying new things is going out of your comfort zone to buy different cuts of meat. And for me that was shin bone (actually my husband asks our local butcher - who i highly recommend - Steve at Bungaree road Toongabbie (NOT pendle hill meat market)).
The cooking was quite simple. Although i attempted to use my large stove-top-to-oven scanpan casserole dish - it wasn't big enough - so i had to transfer the entire contents to a large baking tray with lid!
So the final product was interesting. The very flavoursome beef that has subtle asian flavours was lovely and tender. The crispy salad was great and refreshing - worked perfectly against the soft meat. The mash i was quite dubious about but actually, somehow (how do you do it Nigella???), it all came together quite nicely.

I didn't love the dish, i might make it again if i have the appropriate occasion. But i was impressed at how the flavours go together and it was exciting cooking shin of beef. I am very glad i cooked it.


  1. I love cooking with new cuts of meat, especially mysterious ones that I've only eaten in restaurants! :)

  2. Ack that was me logged into my husband's account! :P


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