Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Squid ink

I would really like to cook Nigella's squink risotto, does some one know where i can buy squid ink (in sachet or jar) in Sydney???
I'm feeling disappointed as i was hoping my indian grocer who claims it is an asian grocer (i think because he sells soy sauce) would sell me pandan paste to make poh's crepes. Why would i be so optimistic? And catching the train or bus to a suburb with an asian grocer on a muggy and possibly wet day with my 4 month old is just not going to happen.
Oh well, just got me thinking about the squid ink i still need to find.

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  1. I found squid ink at The Essential Ingredient, Rozelle. Two small sachets for $2.95 or a big bottle for $45 i think.


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