Monday, January 17, 2011

Nigella's Wholegrain Mustard and Ginger Sausages

We went camping on the weekend, just for one night, to see how we went. Something we have not done since having our little ones. Actually it was quite enjoyable (besides lack of sleep) and really cheap.

For dinner i pulled some sausages out of the freezer and put in Nigella's ginger mustard marinade with them.

Prior to cooking i made sure they were well coated with the mix and we put them on our baby Q weber to bbq. Unfortunately this way we lost most of the sauce into the bottom of the bbq and although what managed to cling to the sausages was very tasty there wasn't enough of it. We also used Nigella's suggestion and put them in a sourdough loaf after they were cooked. Again, even though it was yummy and fun, the lack of sauce meant not much lovely juices in the bread. I think this would be great on a hot plate rather then an open griddle bbq.

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  1. Ahh I thought at first she gave an actual sausage making recipe (which doesn't sound like her at all!). And good to know about the hot plate vs the BBQ too-there's not as much point if the sauce comes off :)


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