Thursday, January 6, 2011

Anna's Pad Thai Omelette

Anna Gare has to be my favourite celebrity chef, I have been loving her since The Best in Australia 2 (i think). She has such wonderful big, bold, gutsy flavours! I met her at the masterchef food festival this year, waited and waited just so i could tell her how much i loved her pork belly recipe and also her slow cooked beef ribs, mmmmm yum. She was very sweet and seemed to genuinely care that i loved to cook her food.

Anyway last night i tried her pad thai omelette from Quickies in the Kitchen.
It was definitely a quickie! and absolutely delicious. I actually didn't add the oyster sauce as for some reason i didn't have any - how that happened i don't know! It was great without but would be better with it.
I also don't particularly like prawns and so never cook them but my husband and daughter love them so i gave it a go. And yes it was nice.

Overall really pleased with the dish. As you see in the photos i wasn't very successful in making it neat....

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