Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Essential Ingredient and AboutLife, Rozelle, Sydney

There are many recipes that I have been hoping to cook but there has been an essential ingredient that I just haven't been able to find. Well The Essential Ingredient is where I found almost everything I needed and a whole lot more i wanted.....i was in foodie heaven!

A sneak peek of some of the ingredients i am going to cook....
I dragged my family across town to experience this amazing shop and i will definitely be back. My gorgeous girl pushed her little shopping trolley around carrying my 'finds'. She also found many 'little' items she was keen to buy herself. It was amazing and sold much more then I realised. And it has a cooking school including kids classes, something i would love to take my daughter too when she is older.

The staff (which were amazingly helpful) also directed me to aboutlife for the ingredients they did not have. It is an amazing organic/health food supermarket. Wow, i loved it.

We finished off our saturday morning adventure with the Organic markets at Lilyfield to purchase all our fruit and veges for the week. It was also fantastic, so many 'farm' stalls selling their wonderfully fresh produce. And my daughter even had a pony ride.

We had to cook tiny pancakes for my daughter to test our her new mini flipper!


  1. Very beautiful picture but how it wouldn't be with this beautiful model! It is great to find so many deli items in one store.

  2. It sounds like an incredible market. Your grill chef is doing a great job with her pancakes :-). I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. I've been wanting to go to this store for months and I haven't mainly because of laziness. Looks like worth a visit!


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