Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine Joconde Imprime Layer Cake with Strawberry Mousse

For Valentines I decided that I would attempt to make a Joconde Imprime cake. There have been many posts about them (as I am sure you have seen) since it was the Daring Bakers challenge for January. I first saw it on Not Quite Nigella's blog and thought since my husband is a fruit lover and me a cake lover that a berry version should go down well :)
So I used the recipe and a version of the berry mousse from NQN's post here.

What fun it was, and I have taken step by step photos if you are interested in seeing my process.
And the final product was delicious.
The only things I would do differently is leave my sponge mix to sit a little longer as the first 'wrapper' I baked had air bubbles. And I would make extra strawberry mousse to layer it higher as well as have extra fresh strawberries to layer in the middle and garnish. But otherwise I am so proud of my efforts!

I traced out my 'design' so I could pipe the paste on to it 

In the freezer

Just out of the freezer ready for the sponge topping

Added the sponge on top of my frozen design

Prepared my mould

Just out of the oven

Turned out and paper peeled off

I made these ones for the layers in the middle of my cake

Preparing to assemble the cake

Ready for my layers of mousse and cake

Ready to eat - Evie's little fingers couldn't wait


  1. oh my goodness! that is one of the most clever cakes I have ever seen!! Nothing short of BRILLIANT :)

  2. Wow!I have never seen a cake like this before...looks yummy!! :)

  3. You did an excellent job. This cake has the air of the professional ones. Beautiful!

  4. Woah! So impressive! Looks yummo.

  5. Muppy, brilliant, brilliant job! Everyone must have been so thrilled!

  6. This cake is WONDERFUL!! It's so beautiful! The idea of "imprinting" your names is so sweet. I adore it!

  7. Wow...that's beautiful and special. Must be so fun making it :D Hope you have a wonderful day. MayMoh at

  8. You are so clever! This looks like it was made by a pro. I'm really impressed. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. It looks so pretty and delicious!

  10. That is AWESOME muppy!!! Love it!!!! Its definitely something I'm thinking of trying. My fella's mother has asked me to make the cake for her retirement party and I'm thinking of something like this. I'll be back re-reading :) Thanks for sharing! Its great!!! :)

  11. Aha! I asked several people on blogs for some more details on this technique, but yours explains it the best. Thanks for clearing that up.

  12. What a lovely idea to get your names around the cake! :D

  13. this is amazing, your an inspiring baker! I love the one you posted today too on Instagram :)


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