Friday, February 11, 2011

Nigella's Sweet and Salty Crunch Nut Bars & Cheesy Pretzel Bites

We were off to our friends place this week and it was our turn for supper.

This recipe for Sweet and Salty Crunch Nut Bars in Nigella Kitchen has been on my mind since I first looked at the book. Just needed the right occasion!

The recipe consists of chocolate (dark and milk), butter, golden syrup, salted peanuts and Crunchie chocolate bars. You really should only have a small piece but I warn it is very hard to resist. Delicious.

This recipe for Pretzel Bites with Cheese I saw on Foodbuzz's Top 9 on Tuesday. I thought it looked wonderful and it was a really interesting recipe - you poach the little cheesy rolls in water with bicarb soda prior to baking. I am not sure why it has bicarb in the water - does it help them brown so beautifully?

They worked out perfectly, tasted exactly like pretzels with cheese. And although you have to be organised with your time they are really not hard. I did the kneading myself (not using a mixer as the recipe suggests) and I left it to rise for about 2.5 hours.
Next time I make these I am going to try with cinnamon sugar.


  1. oooh yum- those bars look sinfully delightful!

  2. Yea!! I am so happy that you enjoyed these pretzel bites! They are really addictive! :) Those nut bars look scrumptious...I will definitely have to try those out!

  3. Ooh I'm loving the look of those cheese pretzel bites-they look gorgeously fresh and soft! :)

  4. Both treats are lovely, I would go with the bars though as they contain my eternal love chocolate.

  5. I do like the way that nut crunch sounds. They look sinfully good. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  6. Oh it all looks so good! I would not be able to make the sweet and salty nut crunch bars. I absolutely could not resist! Thanks for making my mouth water tho :)


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