Saturday, February 5, 2011

Nigella's Squink Risotto

This recipe for squid ink risotto is from Nigella Kitchen. When I saw it in the book (and on the show) I knew I had to make it. Cooking new things has been so exciting for me. I am learning about new ingredients and learning how to cook things I have never cooked before. Squid is one of these.

This dish definitely has WOW factor! It looks amazing and though i felt a little nervous about tucking in i shouldn't have been. The risotto had a lovely flavour but nothing special. I was surprised that the squid ink did not impart more flavour. The squid on top was fantastic, I was amazed that it was nice. I like squid but only if it is soft and not overbearing in flavour. And my squid was just that!

I am so pleased my daughter is willing to try anything,
she loved the squid!
Last december we went to a chinese banquet and she loved the jellyfish!
I would cook this dish again, possibly for a dinner party for some unsuspecting guests, but only for the wow factor as although it had nice flavours it did not pack a punch of flavour.


  1. That looks lovely - all your Nigella posts do :) I really fancied this one, but I'm allergic to squid, so I don't suppose I should!

  2. The squid looks delicious and my hubby would love this if I could find some. Your daughter is a doll and good for her for trying everything!


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