Saturday, April 16, 2011

Butter Chicken

I did it!!!! I cooked an indian style curry that made the cut, it was really delicious and tasted like an authentic dish. It wasn't like the butter chicken you would get in a food court that is very creamy and not much flavour, i think it was a less westernised version!?!. As the sauce cooked you could recognise the aroma, it was spicy and the flavours were quite intense.
I found the recipe on ecurry. The chicken is marinated overnight in a yoghurty spice mixture and then cooked on the griddle pan to enhance all the flavours.
 The sauce is cooked separately and is made up of a few different spices with pureed tomatoes (i used passata) being the main ingredient. The last stage is to put the cooked chicken in the sauce and simmer, a little cream and garam masala are added right at the end.
I was really pleased, it was so delicious and tasted like a complete dish.


  1. I love Butter Chicken - sometimes I like to use thigh fillets which I BBQ quickly - not cooking right through - but enough to give it a nice charring - this adds a good flavour to the dish - not authentic I know - but still good!

  2. It looks delicious!Well done,muppy:)))

  3. Ciao....mi chiamo Gemma. Oggi ho scoperto il tuo davvero di Sidney? Che bello poter conoscere persone provenienti da tutto il mondo...Spero di sentirti al più presto.....

  4. I'm a butter chicken nut too, it looks so good. I've been looking for a good butter chicken recipe for ages now, this looks really promising.

  5. I have a butter chicken recipe that I am waiting to try, will have to see whether it's a winner. Yours looks delicious!


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