Thursday, April 7, 2011

Some snippets of food!

You could say I am obsessed with cooking and there is many dishes that have never even made it my blog. Since my dinner was not all that successful last night I decided to put up some photos of some of those dishes.....

Nigella's mirin glazed salmon 

Fig frangipane tart
 it was not really green - that was a special affect added by my iphone camera!

Olive and Thyme bread 
This was made with olive tapenade, absolutely loved it.

Peach, Praline and Nougat Glacee with brandy snaps
These need to melt a little before they were really enjoyable, the peach cut through the sweetness of the glacee

Lime Curd and Basil Tarts
YUM! - it really works

Hazelnut Baklava 
This was very good indeed for those supersweet lovers 
(and I didn't use anywhere near as much butter as suggested!)

Fig and Soft Pecorino salad

Lentil Curry with Wholemeal Naan
This was last nights not so successful dinner - doesn't taste as nice as it looks!

Mini Apple Pies with Cheddar Crusts
These were really interesting to eat, savoury and sweet at the same time!
Kind of like a cheese and fruit platter :)

Mexican Hamburger Bake with Nigella's bbq mince
Not a big fan of this dish, the mince had the wrong texture

Fatayer Bes-Sabanekh
These were absolutely delicious, recipe here

Also if your interested Willow Bird Baking posted her cheesecake challenge results today,
 check it out here


  1. What an impressive collection of recipes! I am in awe.

  2. God, this a beautiful array of dishes.


  3. Love your pictures of these delicious dishes! The Baklava and mini pies look great! :)

  4. everything looks so good.
    the olive oil bread makes me turn the oven on right now.

  5. Wow that olive bread looks amazing! :O

  6. The lime curd and basil tarts sound delicious. I reckon you've done well!

  7. Muppy, that Nigella mirin salmon recipe is my absolute favourite! :-))

    Everything looks so good.
    I need to live in your house! :-))

  8. Tasty pics, you've managed to make me hungry even when I just had breakfast.

  9. that salmon looks delicious. I love salmon flavoured in asian sauces.

  10. I am very intrigued by that olive bread!


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